Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Discussing Google Docs

Earlier this week, my counterparts Pete Flores from Texas and Duane Rigsby from Ohio recorded another podcast. In this one we discuss Google Docs. You can find it at Tech Know Talk.

We developed the script using Google Docs and held the conversation using Skype.
Pete recorded the conversation using PowerGramo Skype Recorder then edited it with Audacity.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the pros and cons of podcasting, please comment below! I'm still weighing the costs/advantages of it. Is this a medium that you would like to see more or less of? Is it a medium your audience would like to use to hear from you?


Stephen Judd said...


I personally listen to many podcasts, during windshield time, mostly tech related. Tech Know Talk won't be a podcast until you can subscribe to it, or am I missing the RSS feed somehow?

John Dorner said...


Thanks! Look for the RSS/podcast coming soon. I'll let you know when we get it up and running.