Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are you still working the same way?

I liked the article "Productivity 2.0: How the new rules of work are changing the game" from Zen Habits and wanted to share it more widely. (If you are following my Delicious, you'd have already seen it there too.) In it they make some good observations and some that I need to adopt.

Here are the 8 rules to whet your appetite , but the article is worth reading in its entirety.

  1. Don’t Crank - Work With Deeper Focus.
  2. Minimize Out Meetings and Planning Overplanning — Just Start.
  3. Paperwork is out — automate with technology.
  4. Don’t multi-task — multi-project and single-task.
  5. Produce less, not more.
  6. Forget about organization — use technology.
  7. Out with hierarchies — in with freedom.
  8. Work fewer hours, not more.
I read about this in the PSU College of Agriculture's Information Technologies eNews volume 108. They do a great job and I always learn a lot from reading their stuff. Vince's Lighter Side and Interesting Links are always worth checking out!

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