Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My first podcast

With the help of my good friend, Pete Flores from Texas, I've created a podcast. Actually, Pete did most of the heavy lifting - creating and editing the audio file - I just contributed the content. But, that's a step. You can find it at: http://techknowtalk.tamu.edu/

In the past, I haven't been a big fan of podcasts - not seeing them as real useful, but since I've started listening to more of them I'm changing my mind. I'm still trying to figure out how/where/when they'll work for me and teaching the people I'm responsible for teaching...

Earlier this year, I got an iPod and used it to listen to some podcasts, but I just never found a good time to listen. I can't pay attention to what I'm listening to and read or write at the same time, so I have to stop working in order to listen. Since I can read faster than most people talk, I would prefer to get the information in text format - usually via an news/RSS feed. What changed my mind is I got a device that lets me listen to my iPod through my radio. In many newer cars and my '72 VW bug (which is for sale by the way) there is a jack to plug it in - just requires a cheap audio cable.

Now, I keep learning and stay up-to-date in my field while I drive. Not all of my listening is work related. I catch a lot of the NPR broadcasts that I miss over the weekend like Car Talk. I also like listening to Old Time Radio shows. I don't listen to much music on it, but Kevin Gamble tweeted something that made me think - "The housekeepers left the radio on in my hotel bedroom. Remember radio? Feels very weird listening to a total stranger's playlist."

For technology information, I've been listening to: Apple Quick Tips, Geekspeak, The World Technology Podcast, and several podcasts from CNET.

I'm beginning to change my mind on the usefulness and popularity of podcasts. I'd like to hear what others think? Is podcasting a good way to educate? Are there podcasts you'd recommend?

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