Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do you Skype?

Skype is a tool that I think many people are unaware of or just haven't explored. I can see LOTS of ways it could be used to save LOTS of $$$ and time.

Why use Skype?

  • FREE long distance calls
  • Video calls - see who you are talking to
  • Avoid 'voice mail hell' by knowing if someone is available before calling
  • Voice mail is available free with any subscriptions or just $20/year
  • Text chat for quick messages or questions
  • Free conference calls (up to 24 people)
  • Why not augment a web conference by using Skype for the audio. This would allow people to participate from a land line if they can't be at a computer. Personal observation: I noticed that the Skype audio quality was better than the audio in an Elluminate Live! session (and I've been pretty happy with the audio in Elluminate sessions).
  • Record calls with http://www.powergramo.com/ (Pete and I recorded our podcast using this tool)
  • If you frequently receive calls from a long distance friend or family (or work), for $6/mo or less get a local number at their end, so they can call you for free - from a land line or cell phone
  • Get those calls forwarded to any other phone when you are not online ($0.021/minute)
  • Dial land lines (or cell phones) anywhere in the US/Canada (aka unlimited long distance) for less than $3 per month
So, before you pick up the phone to make a long distance call, why not look to see if the party you are calling is online? You might save yourself some time and money.

Of course, this assumes that you will be using voice to communicate. Often, there are much better ways to communicate, but that's another post.

Disclosure: I have no financial or other interest in Skype other than as a satisfied user.

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