Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Multitasking - Is It Good or Evil

A couple days ago, I read Anne's Thoughts article on multitasking where she quoted Kathleen Melymuka's, Computerworld report on how IT multitasking affects individual productivity. The bottom line I got out of it was that multitasking was a good thing and something we should strive to become proficient at by improving our IT skills.

This morning, I read a 43 Folders article referencing a New York Times study NYT: New data on the problems of “multitasking”. The bottom line I got out of this one was that multitasking is a bad thing for getting things done. They cited human brain activity studies.

Both articles are good reads and link to references for even more reading. I've got more reading and thinking to do before I can decide for myself just how much mutitasking I'm going to set as my ideal level. If you have any thoughts or facts on this topic please share them.

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