Monday, December 03, 2007

Do You Blog? or Why Blog?

Lee and Sachi LeFever of The Common Craft Show have produced Blogs in Plain English an easy-to-understand introduction to "What is a blog?"

Anne Adrian blogged "What is a blog" and added more to that - and amplified the message by spreading the word. I'm taking what Anne wrote, adding to it, and amplifying the original message. Everyone benefits. Perhaps you will start blogging about something in which I'm interested and I'll benefit.

I see a blog as everything the LeFevers and Anne say it is and more.

  • A vehicle for self expression.
  • A time saver - answer that question you are going to get 100 times this month once and for all. The next time someone asks, just point them to your blog.
  • A great replacement for 'newsletters' (and cheaper to deliver).
  • A way to help others.
  • Payment to those I read. Sort of a "Pay it forward" type thing.
  • A learning tool - I definitely learn more about what I write by blogging about it. If you want to truly learn and understand something, try explaining it to someone else.
  • If you write well enough about a topic that enough people are interested in (see Long Tail) you might even be able to make some money by becoming a "ProBlogger".

Kevin Gamble blogged about needing to "Be the Ball" in order to 'grok' or fully understand something. Blogging is one of those things you must "Be the Ball" before you can figure out what's in it for you.

Are you ready to start? Don't you have something to say? Everyone has something they can contribute to mankind.

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