Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Follow up on using Gmail

It's been a month since I switched to Google Mail. All of my mail accounts are forwarded to my gMail account now.

Overall, I would say the experiment has been a success and I don't plan on moving back to using desktop clients (i.e. Thunderbird or Outlook).


  • I REALLY like having my address book available from everywhere and not have to sync it.
  • It is a much better interface than the university's "WebMail" (squirrelMail).
  • I like the gMail Notifier (mac or windows) and needed it to make gMail my default email client.
  • Tagging took a little getting used to - slightly different than using folders but similar enough to not be a problem. Has more advantages than using folders - i.e. a message can be have several tags.
  • Very fast "Search" capabilities.
  • 2GB of FREE storage space!!!
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Good spam filter - only a few spam messages have passed through and I haven't found any good messages in my spam folder - which automatically deletes messages after 30 days.
  • It's cool how it displays all the messages in a thread when a new message is delivered.
  • Overall - VERY easy to use.
Until something changes, I plan to continue to use gMail as my only mail client.


Anonymous said...

I didn't agree with you.
Gmail is inconvenient tool based on my experience,it miss many of useful function compare with Outlook. Even it can't be equal with free mail such as 126,163 etc.
I guess you are pitchman for Gmail.

John Dorner said...

I'm not a 'pitch man' for gMail, just a satisfied user. I'm not familiar with 126,163, but what functions does Outlook have that you miss in gMail?